The company's DNA

The history of commercial companies, from their inception in the 17th century, brilliantly illustrates that successful entrepreneurs are often those who seized the opportunity for innovation when it presented itself on the path to their ambitions. At Futura Automatic Holding Limited, we are firmly convinced that the future of society in the 21st century will be one of total digitalisation and, consequently, robotisation.

Without really realising it, we are, metaphorically speaking, in an era similar to that which saw the birth of the first mobile phones accessible to the public in the early 90s. Today, digitalisation is to the mobile phone of the 90s what robots will be to the appearance of smartphones in the 2010s.

We are part of this upward curve that is constantly transforming society, driving it towards greater rationality and efficiency.

Legal information


Company type : Private limited Company

Company number : 14735766


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